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The combination of being a wonderful nurse and a passionate social worker make Mary stand out above so many other people in her field.  But the characteristic I cherish most in Mary is her humble heart.  She truly cares for people, strives to do her best, and always seeks to improve.  She is never happy with just the “status quo”.

Mary has been a long standing, compassionate advocate for those in need of understanding and navigating through health care issues.  She diligently works to insure that patient needs are addressed and met with satisfaction.

Mary came to the nursing home to visit my father who was terminally ill.  He was suffering, and I was uncertain as to how I could be of comfort to him.  Mary spoke to him and treated him with respect and dignity.  I was informed for the first time about what to expect in the dying process, how to plan for his death, and what options there were to reduce and/or prevent his further suffering.  I was able to speak with the physician and offer some suggestions.  My father died a few days later.  It was a peaceful death and an ending I was prepared for, thanks to Mary.

My husband was in the hospital when I spoke with Mary.  His pain was uncontrolled and no one seemed to care of do much to help him.  Mary listened to my concerns.  She made suggestion regarding various medication options and alternative therapies.  I learned from Mary not to be afraid to ask questions, make suggestions, and advocate for my husband

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From Louise D…..

From Nancy D…...

From M. L. T…..

From Larry K …..

“I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work. You helped us to find out so much about my health and to understand more.”

From Lois …..

From Amy Buckwalter …..

From Celest …..

From Dwight …..

From Cindie Dale …..

“Mary we thank God for bringing you into our lives to help us make a home for Larry. You have been a blessing to both of us and to Larry also. We couldn’t have done it alone. You are a blessing in so many ways. Your kindness means more than you will ever know.”

“My thank you is so nothing and so small compared to what all you’ve done and are doing for me, but it comes from my heart. It is a comfort to know I can call you anytime, and I can count on you. What would I do without you? I can only cry in front of you girl! Your kindness has touched my heart and I will be forever thankful. You are a gift to my life. I will never forget when you held me and let me cry on your shoulder. I felt my whole life stress went away. Whenever it comes back, I know you will be there. It is like you helped me ride the highest, scariest ride by myself. You prepared me well. You waited for me at the bottom. You are a great and wonderful counselor. Thank you for knowing me better than I know myself.”

I’ll never forget your kind, sound and appropriate advice and help. I appreciate all that you’ve done for us.”

“My son was laid off from his job in July of 2008 after 14 years of service. He filed for unemployment benefits and also contacted Vocational Rehab and ADEC who had worked with him before. After being unable to obtain any help for my son, we were told of an advocate whose name is Mary Monnin. We were able to obtain her services. Mary worked as quickly and as hard as she could and was able to obtain help for my son. We would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

“Jeff and I would like to thank Mary from the bottom of our hearts for everything she has done for us. After three years of doing everything Jeff could do for me, he was finally out of options and at his wits-end. When we were about to give up hope, Mary was brought into our lives. Mary is a very kind, caring, personable and professional woman. Within a few months, by listening to our needs, suggesting different options and going with me to my doctor visits, she helped me get my diabetes and diet back under control. She knew a doctor and took me to him for my mental issues. After two visits I was diagnosed properly and put on the right medications after being on the wrong ones for several years. And, after three years of waiting for Social Security Disability, she was able to get me a fully approved decision on my case. Mary never gave up on us or our needs and went above and beyond anything we ever expected. Words cannot express how we feel about Mary and all the things she’s done and continues to do for us.”


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