Personal HealthCare Advocate

Health Partnership Program.

PHA can be your eyes and ears in the hospital, preventing you from loosing wages or vacation unnecessarily .

The PHA will assist you in untangling the confusion surrounding referrals and second opinions. She will work directly with the physicians on your behalf, laying out all of your options and work with you in choosing what course or action benefits you most.

The PHA will help you sort out all of your options and advise on your rights to appeal. Acting as your advocate, She will act as a liaison to ensure your are treated in a fair and consistent manner. She can also help negotiate payment plans with the providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even health care providers can be confused by coverage. Add to this the myriad of plans that are offered, and this situation has become all too common. The HPA will work with the providers as well as the carriers to ensure that the proper coverage is given, keeping the patient informed at each step in the process.


I just got the bill from the latest tests and after following what the doctor recommended, I discover that portions are not covered by insurance. What went wrong?

My insurance just denied my claim. Can I appeal? What payment options do I have?

My child has been referred to yet another specialist, and I am not sure who to trust, nor what to do next.

I work full time and my elderly parent is in the hospital. How can I be in two places at the same time?

Your PHA is all about caring for people. She can provide counseling services for a variety of issues.

Do you ever wish you had someone to talk to who would understand what you are going through as a parent, spouse, caretaker, sibling, etc.


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