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Health Partnership Program.

Health Partnership Program (HPP)

The goal of the Health Partnership Program (HPP) is to combine disease management strategies with predictive modeling strategies in an effort to stabilize, reduce and prevent future healthcare expenditures, while simultaneously improving overall health of our patients.

Employees are encouraged to partner with this PHA. Participation in the HPP is voluntary. The PHA will educate and advocate and offer specific knowledge and expertise as it relates to the physical and mental well-being of the employee. Ultimately, each employee will take personal pride and ownership in his/her total health.

We use a two fold approach by targeting two populations:

  Current employees with known health care issues - Although these expenses are a forgone conclusion, we can mange their care and thus their costs by partnering with the providers, the insurance companies, and the patient to provide quality care with reasonable costs.

 High Risk employees - Not as obvious as above, these employees may have indications of issues requiring medical care, yet go undetected until such a time that there costs become unmanageable. Through a series of screenings, and educational seminars, we can reach these individuals and mitigate the risks associated with apathy toward their health and well being.



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