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My formal introduction into the medical field began over 14 years ago. My informal training as a caring, compassionate, individual began when I was a child. I knew from a young age that I would choose a future in some type of caretaking role. It has taken years to recognize some of the special gifts and talents that God has bestowed upon me.

In 1990 I attended the University of Evansville to pursue a degree in nursing. I always had an affinity for the geriatric population in particular. I knew I was called to work with the elderly population so I minored in Gerontology while obtaining my Bachelorís Degree in Nursing.

I graduated in 1994 and moved to Texas. I quickly found myself being put in leadership/managerial type positions. I was an assertive, critical thinker who was confident, compassionate and loved educating and advocating for patients, families, and other staff members.

Years later, I returned to Indiana, which is my home state. My medical career continued and I held different positions which included: shift coordinator/charge nurse, utilization review coordinator, case manager, and nurse advocate for a hospital-based advocacy program.† During my time as a nurse advocate, I worked closely as a team leader with a medical and mental health advocate. We helped individuals who faced stressors; some included, but were not limited to chronic health conditions, financial, psychological, work, and family.

This was my first real, hands on experience working with people who needed more than just medical treatment. I was in a position to make a real difference in all aspects of their well-being. I found myself re-examining and exploring my own role and beliefs as a healthcare provider. As a result, I decided to pursue a Masterís Degree in Social Work so that I might better understand how I might serve in the best capacity possible.†† After graduation I think I got closer to actually understanding Godís plan for my life. I was a changed person. I began to see through a new set of eyes, hear beyond spoken words, and understand with a greater sense of depth, humility and compassion.

Donít get me wrong, I am and always will be a work in progress. My journey is far from over and I am certain my role will continue to evolve. But for today, I am exactly who, what and where I am supposed to be. I am embracing those talents and gifts and sharing them with and for the benefit of others.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to share my expertise and knowledge to those who are in need of assistance. Let me carry your burdens even if just for a day, trust me to carry your burdens and lead you in a different way.